Model A
Using cold water to cool compressed air, this water-cooling dehumidifier has mechanisms to thoroughly separate and expel the drain that is generated.

Model AE
Equipped with an economizer, this aerothermal exchanger reduced cooling load and increases the volumne of air at the outlet.

Model -DP
This energy-saving cooling type dehumidifier uses a cooling tower the likes of which the world has never seen before.

Model E
This energy-saving, cooling-type dehumidifier uses the latent heat generated by evaporating water.

Model F
This cooling-type dehumidifier for low dew points uses a freezer for frozen dehumidifying.

Model T
Using cold water from the chiller to cool compressed air, this cold-water cooling-type dehumidifier thoroughly separates and expels the drain that is generated. 

Model I.P
This cooling-type dehumidifier can accommodate high inlet temperatures and energy-saving operations from switching the cooling source.



Model C
This dehumidifier uses a moisture absorbent to absorb the moisture present in compressed air, obtaining air with a low dew point. Out method of regenerating the absorbent has resulted in a heat-regenerating type, a no-heat type, and a type that utilizes the heat expelled from compressors.


Model HE
Using steam and warm water to heat air, this energy-saving air heater boosts the volume of air and its degree of dryness. 


Model Ao
This oil separator adsorbs oil mist by passing air and gas through a special filter.



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